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Whatsbet joins hands with the world's leading game brands to provide more than thousands of games, including slot machines, live-action videos, sports, lottery and other items, all of which can be integrated into customers' existing platforms via API.

Partners can choose a variety of game product packages according to their needs, including online version and client, multi-language and multi-currency support, high-standard security control, and master the world's trends and the product portfolio of players' preferences.

Integrated service plan-the most complete hardware and technical support

Whatsbet provides a full range of support for the online operation of the website, including server, cash flow, and 7X24 professional product customer service team. To simplify the operation of entertainment platform, lead customers to familiarize themselves with the state and trends of the entire industry and market, and have the ability to grasp sales and trends

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Very Easy Bet,
Whatsbet makes easily accessible

Whatsbet has successfully promoted high-quality games to all of Asia, supplying nearly a hundred platform operators, and fully transferring its proficient and rich operating experience to customers. Customers step on our foundation, easily gain our Asian experience, and operate steadily. In addition to making profits, it can also improve market vision and move towards internationalization.

High-end systems and evolving capabilities


Start earning your first pot of gold now

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Professional customer service, meticulous technical support

With professional experience, we provide professional services such as system hosting, customized programs, information security, remote backup and backup, MIS hosting, website hosting, virtual hosting, gold flow interface... etc.,

Whatsbet's professional system and team have the ability to evolve with the times to ensure the most precise operation and highest efficiency for partners.


Whatsbet’s mission is to provide our online entertainment expertise and experience,

Create absolute advantages for operating partners; and take the profit and performance of partners as our glory.

Our vision is to become the most professional system service provider in Asia, and to work with aspiring partners to achieve excellence.

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